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WOW, long time no post! July 30, 2009

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agggges since i last posted on here!
had my surgery, it went really well! had no major pain since then (touch wood!) the odd twinge but thats normal!
the frankmusik ‘gig’ was fantastic! i was interviewed and on myspace! and on channel 4 (very breifly!) since live & lost, his career has just grown! album out next week, which i can’t wait for!

on monday 3rd august, i’ll be moving in with himself! and i’m scared shitless! its a cute little terrace house in wetherby and its the right thing to do! but its still quite scary! packing sucks though! keep going through old stuff from high school and everything…quite emotional!

hmm…other ‘goss’…had a trip to a&e on tuesday…a girl from work had been punched in the face (not at work!) so took her to get it checked out. there’s more to the story but not gona go into it!

urm, yeh! had thought of loads of stuff i wanted to put here but now i can’t remember any of it! so its sleep time now!


owie March 18, 2009

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so…had my carpal tunnel surgery yesterday…omg! worst part was the local anaesthetic! that hurt like a bitch, made me cry and turned my hand purple and swollen!! but thankfully this meant i couldn’t feel the surgery!!
but now my hand hurts so much! have got a giant bandage on though, so got some movement of fingers but not enough at the moment! so that means everything is left handed! sick of it already and its only been two days! get stitches out and dressing changed a week on friday. worrying thing is though that sometimes i still get pins and needles…but thats probably from the surgery, i guess??

but on an exciting note…i may have half arranged a gig at wetherby bandstand!! frankmusik (the support from keane a few weeks back) well he’s doing a ‘live and lost’ tour. basically he’s gota get from inverness to london in 2 weeks with £20 and the help of fans! so i suggested come play at costa and we’ll feed you. that wasn’t possible so it became anywhere in wetherby! so now its the bandstand! gone be quite interesting cos its gona be on myspace and channel 4!!!!! and i think, no ones said anything yet but i read it, that i might get a blackberry!!!
supposably happening next wednesday so we’ll see!!

shall keep you posted on my hand and frankmusik!!


day 13 – m February 12, 2009

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friday the 13th!

but m is for money bank looking in the mucky mirror!


couldn’t think of anything else and thats what just popped up in my mind now, while counting my pennies!

super scared for hospital appointment later…! but suppose it’ll provide answers??


day 12 – l

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went shopping in leeds yesterday for the first time in aggges! still had some christmas money left over so went and spent a bit. due to being in administration, zavvi were having a HUGE sale, got a few good cheap dvd’s…most the scrubs series, a live keane one, the latest rocky for only £3! and something for someone’s birthday!

so l is logically for loverly leeds!


l is also for leap


kept seeing a few of these ads all over the place but didn’t get a pic till i was on the bus home!
struggling with m a tad…this dam sinus pain isn’t helping much!

got a hospital appointment tomorow, gona have a nerve conduction study to see if it definatly is carpal tunnel syndrome. next option after that is surgery…joy!


day 11 – k

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k is for keys!


really like this pic! had the time to play around with my phone camera again so took a few key pictures…

took some pretty funky pics of these, the colours worked well with the settings, actually quite like them, for pics of a kids teething toy!


day 10 – j

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j was an easy one (thankfully!)

j is for jungle!


pants pic as i took it too quickly, but anyhoo


day 9 – i

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stuggled with i as well, hehe! my imagination is crap sometimes! but noticed something in the pub toilet sunday night! a ‘pretty’ little ivy plant!


this project is making me notice more that i don’t really do much at the mo other than go to work, come home, go to the pub every now and then, and if i’m lucky, go to a gig or somewhere else! hehe